Tech Tip

C5 Vettes – Going to the “Udder” World

from Jerry Breen

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Cleaning Out Udders – Driver Side

On the driver’s side of C5 Corvettes, there are three udders that can get clogged from leaves, twigs and other “crapolla”. They are easy to check and clean. Place your hand down alongside the master cylinder booster (see photo). There are three short udders, two of which are side by side. The third is behind the two. They are made of thin soft rubber. If any of them are hard, it means they have debris in them. Squeeze and check the opening (slit) of the udder for debris, which will then fall out.


If the udders are clogged, rain and/or car wash water will not drain out of the scuttle tray. The bottom line is that the water build-up can cause a short in the electrical system in the windshield wiper motor. You may also get water on the inside of the car in the footwell area, wet rugs, or cause other problems.


**Please note** Photo with 3 udders – I removed the plastic inner fender panel only to get a good photo of the udders.

Cleaning Out Udders – Passenger Side

Shortcut to check the bottom of the long udder in the fender (passenger side):

At the bottom of the fender where the rocker panel is, remove three (3) black screws. The screws have a 7mm hex head.

Once the three screws are removed, pull down on the black plastic panel (bottom of fender at rocker panel, see photos below).

You can now reach the bottom of the udder opening to check for debris.


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